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Need help with trying to put together different flavors? See the flavor chart below. We have put together a few different infusion tastes that we believe you will enjoy. Remember, you may not like every flavor but have fun with your wine and test them out! Our recommendation is to try one flavor first. Then get creative by adding more. We do not recommend you infuse more than 3 flavors at a time. Infusions are sweet so it will slightly change the sweetness of the wine.

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Frequently Asked Question:

The beauty of red wines is that the flavor can go with a lot of different berry flavors. Below are a few flavors that pair well with red blends:

strawberry, melons (cantalope and honeybew ) , watermelon, grapefruit, orange, passion fruit, peach, pineapple, honey, agave, mint, tyme, basil, ect

White wines will also taste great with any flavor BUT you want to keep the flavors light. Note: white wines will change color depending on the fruits added. We suggest adding lighter fruits.

Pineapple, pear, peach , passion fruit, mango, mint, lemon, basil, plum, ext.

This is a great question. Our goal at Infuse Wine is to make sure that you taste a stronger fruit note without taking to much away from the wine flavor. When an infusion is added the taste might slightly fluntuate , as the infusions will be sweeter. Adding these will sweeten the wines that is why we have off dry or dry Red and White blends. Once we start offering Chardonnays, Merlots, ext the wines will also taste a little sweeter as well.

Well as we hope that you will, the blunt answser is NO. You have the opportunity to mix and match YOUR favorite flavors. Some flavors may not be as you liked but the goal here is to allow you as the customer to have an option as to how you want your wine to taste. If you dont like it , thats fine try another flavor, get creative , until you fine your perfect match.

We suggest that you start off with one flavor first then branch off into other flavor mixtures 🙂

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