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Please fill out the form below so that our team can have all details ready for your Booked Infuse Wine Party. If you have any question please feel free to chat us below and we will be happy to help.

Our team will be there 30 minutes before start time
If you are doing a suprise party, anniversary party ext and are planning this on there behalf please add the name here.
All LARGE events come with a Red Blend and a White Blend. This is your additional wine. Small Parties choose there wines Pick one Red and One White. Please note: all wines are Dry or Semi Dry. We do this becasue the infusions are sweet and will alter the acidity in thee wine.
Think of the flavors you like that go together. Strawberry + Peach, Blueberry+Mint, Orange + Lemon, ext (just ideas)
All Charcuterie Boards are Build Your Own Board (BYOB) . Once Invoice is paid you will recieve another link with our option. All Hookahs come with flavors , tips, coal and refills. Please list your hookah flavors in the comments section with your infusion flavor you would like in the water for additional flavor. All infusion flavors are available as shisha.
If there is anything else we need to know please add here.
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